You can do this in 30 mins or less, real easy…post your photo on my facebook page if you make one , would love to see :) Here’s the link to my facebook page:


  1. A4 paper (and yellow colour origami paper-optional)
  2. Yellow texta
  3. scissors
  4. cotton
  5. string or ribbon or just use hair pins


  1. Cut a long strip of yourA4 paper.
  2. Draw a wave pattern or use your pattern scissors if you have one
  3. Colour a square shape of your A4 using yellow texta (skip this step if you are using origami paper.)
  4. Make the flower bud, by putting a small cotton into the yellow squared paper then make a round shape.
  5. Circle around the long strip cut around the flower bud then tie it with a string
  6. Use a hair clip and voila! a daisy fascinator!