Cikkies: 4Eva Banner

‘4eva banner!’ I named it hihihi it is a hand made banner that i created… The idea came up to me when i was decorating my crafting room or ‘cikkiville’ i call it (excuse my amusing cikky vocabs) hehehe anyway back to 4eva banner story….I need somewhat motivation that I can see everyday when i am creating… And inspirational quotes usually works to motivate me to create… I thought a writable banner would be great…it’ll be reusable, perfect! Then my cheeky fingers work on it and voila! ‘4eva banner’ was born. I use pastels colour for the banner, they can be hang or stick on the wall simply using blue tack.

I love it since hihihi if you live in australia and want one…drop me an email at and cikky can specially make one for ya!